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 Letters from the Last Times

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Ky'ram Parjai'Kote

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PostSubject: Letters from the Last Times   Wed May 26, 2010 8:12 am


Dear Mom,
Something happened. A lot of people disappeared. It's scary. I was walking down the street, my neighbor, Joe, was walking his dog, a car was driving by; the next second, just like that, the car's hurtling toward me, Joe's dog was barking at the pile of Joe's clothes, and screams erupted from the house behind me. The car smashed through the garage, and I rushed into the house to help.
I was stunned, Mom. When I pried open the driver's door, the driver was gone, the only thing left was a pile of clothes. The source of the screams, Mrs. Collig, rushed into the garage.
~"John, what happened?"
~"I don't know, Mrs. Collig."
~"Is the driver alright?"
~"Look for yourself."
~"Is that a Bible in the passenger seat?"
That sounded suspicious. Joe was a Christian; he wore one of those cross necklaces, and he tried to "witness" to me; this other guy had a Bible.
~"Why were you screaming, Mrs. Collig?"
~"My husband disappeared. Scott was walking into the kitchen, wham, he's gone, his clothes and his pocket New Testament still there."
~"He went to church?"
~"Every Sunday."
~"Did you?"
~"No, I'm atheist."
As they say in science, 3 items in correlation prove a theory. I read the Bible from the wrecked car, I randomly opened the book to one of the markers, and it fell to 1 Thessalonians 5. According to it, all Christians are going to be raptured, or taken to Heaven. I'm going to read more and write you another letter.
In paranoia,

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Letters from the Last Times
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