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 Saynt Sunforger

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Saynt SunForger


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PostSubject: Saynt Sunforger   Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:34 pm

Saynt pronounced Saint is the son of an ex Jedi and Mandalorian coupling. He grew up on Mandalore not long before the imperial occupation though his family left for a quieter life where they could raise him in the ways of his people. Away from prying eyes he excelled and grew into a fine warrior though not before his father was hunted down by Darth Vader lord of the Sith. His mother got in the way trying to defend her husband and son and was sliced in two. His father seeing the futility of combat with the dreaded Vader saw the death of himself and his force sensitive son unavoidable fled in shame for safety. Saynt ended up scarred from the saber toss that severed his mother from groin to gullet. A badge of honor he wears in defiance to this day.

Saynt grew up with the best of both worlds a proud heritage and some knowledge of this thing called the Force that composed all life as his father put it. the death of his mother so senseless scarred him deeply, and left a debt he has hence sworn be repaid in blood of either Vader or perhaps his descendants. Till then he drifts along the stars in search of adventure and coin to further enable his efforts to restore honor and glory to his since forgotten people.

He might appear on the battlefront of some back water world or take a contract on some syndicate crime lord. It matters not to him as long as it brings him closer to his ultimate goal the over throw of the Empire at large. One can never guess where he will turn up next but rest assured it will be where you least expect. There is an air of nobility about him one would not expect from such a roguish existence. He fights with the ancient hand to hand styles of Knights gone by his weapons of choice vibro maces and a trusty DL44 blaster or two. Firepower over spray and pray!

"Know Me by the Cross I bear!"
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Saynt Sunforger
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