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 Saynt SunForger

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Saynt SunForger


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PostSubject: Re: Saynt SunForger   Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:57 am

My Name is Daniel L. and i go by Saynt SunForger or lautarfett on the mercs feel free to look me up there also. I am totally jazzed that there is a Christian site here. I hope it takes off.

I live in Cleveland TN which is in the southeast corner of the state just fifteen minutes from Georgia. I love all things Sci-Fi, i enjoy reading pretty much anything to do with Star Wars movies ect, football, and really any other sport for that matter. I am hyper competitive and I like to think I am a pretty awesome Dude!
Last but absolutely not the least i have sold out to the Lord.

God has changed my life so much for the better I have a new wife as of May first of this year and her and I may be pregnant. Who's up for another adventure? MEEEEEEEEEEE! haha God is so Good! I am stoked.

I have known since i was a small child that God wanted me to preach so after much running the Army a failure or two here I am answering Gods call. Any help or advice I can give I offer freely. I do not have all the answers, but I assure you God does! God bless you all and take care.

I am modeling my Armor should i ever get it finished after the Knights Templar I Have seen that a guy did a kit similar to it but I had the idea before I saw his kit though his is awesome mine will be different and probably not sanctioned by the mercs but oh well. Maybe they will soften their hearts toward a heart felt in love with God costume!
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Saynt SunForger
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