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 Devotion Update Thread

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Ky'ram Parjai'Kote

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PostSubject: Devotion Update Thread   Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:31 pm

Our Freedoms as Americans

I was recently at Glen Rose, Texas, home of the Paluxy River, where over one million fossilized dinosaur tracks lay. One mile from this river is a museum, the Creation Evidence Museum. The founder, director, and lecturer of this museum is the great creationist, Doctor Carl Baugh. His museum houses a hyperbaric chamber, used to simulate conditions before the Flood, a scale model of Noah's Ark, a complete set of handwritten scrolls comprising the Old Testament, a Textus Receptus (Greek New Testament), and a model of the creationist geologic column.
As I was there, Dr. Baugh lectured on "Dinosaurs and Man". Written transcript of Doctor Baugh's lecture here:

During the lecture, he mentioned the Delk and Willett Prints:

When I arrived home, I searched Wikipedia for Doctor Baugh. The article is a scathing piece, one that is misinformed and one sided.

For example:
Quote :
In July 2008, Baugh was in contact with Alvis Delk and James Bishop, who claimed to have found a dinosaur-human print fossil. Bishop is a convicted murderer and Delk has a history of selling faked artifacts. Baugh bought the "fossil" from Delk who used the money to pay his medical bills. On the authenticity of the claims, reporter Bud Kennedy noted, "since no scientists were involved, about all we really know so far is that the museum has a new rock." Biologist PZ Myers critiqued Delk's "fossil" saying Baugh "is falling all over himself praising the authenticity of this blatant fake."

This is rather one-sided, as Baugh has openly and publicly tested the prints at a secular laboratory, under a spiral CT scanner. The print is not fake, as fakes would not have compressed the dirt. Both the human and the Acrocantherosaurus prints have said compression marks.

This led me to go from thinking of dinosaurs to America's current spiritual condition.

Christians are ridiculed across many forums, blogs, news networks, etc. These sources use the "Westboro Baptist Church" as an example of what Christians are like. The WBC is not endorsed by any denomination, as they mask their hate and rage in God's mouth.

This, among other things, has led to the government restricting and crushing our freedoms, especially the First Amendment. Soon, the day will come when Christians will no longer be able to worship freely, and it will be disguised so that the common man will not see it. Then when Christians protest, the government will blast them as overreacting. But in fact, the Christians will be absolutely correct.

In the words of "the Messiah", the one who holds office now, "America is no longer a Christian nation."

Sadly, he is right. America is turning into a Muslim state, and there's only one thing Americans can do about it.

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Devotion Update Thread
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